How to Plan Your Wedding Without the Stress!

With so many options, it can be overwhelming.


A girl dreams about her wedding her entire life. So why does the planning become so stressful? Social Media and Planning Websites have made the process even more complex. These websites provide brides with an array of ideas, color themes, décor, and everything in between. While this can be extremely helpful it can also add stress. The main focuses are on the wedding venue, food & beverage selections, the dress and décor. Here are a few tips to keep your planning more exciting and less worrying.

"Always be a First-Rate Version of Yourself, Instead of a Second-Rate Version of Someone Else."

  • Budget- First and Foremost, sit down and discuss the hard issue. What is your maximum budget. We know this day is pricey, but well worth it. Ensure you include your family on if they plan to contribute as well. ( ..and hey maybe that means you can get those extra chair covers!)
  • Venue- Set a Date and Find a Venue. Pick a venue with an economical wedding package that fits your overall food and beverage budget. The more it includes, the more you can save. Remember to ask your planner for all inclusive pricing, so that you are aware of the added fees and gratuities.
  • Food and Beverage Selections- Whether it is a plated dinner or buffet style, your food selection is a crucial part of planning. Set up a tasting with your venue to get the full experience. You want your guests to LOVE your food. Beverages are also an important factor. Host bars while great for your guests, can get pricey. Talk to your venue about all your options and pick the one that fits your budget.
  • The Dress- My personal favorite. The key to this is finding a gown that makes you feel beautiful. This is your day, you are going to WOW the crowd..and probably make your fiancé cry too! Find a dress that fits your body style and be open to new options. Try it on, because you never know, it might be the one!
  • Décor- The overall furnishing of the event. This can get tricky. Websites like Pinterest give us a wide variety of options. Be sure to pick something that you love and stick with it. You can incorporate so many ideas but do not second guess your original decision. Whether it is real floral arrangements or silk, your guests will think its beautiful.


These are just a few of the larger decisions to make in the planning process. Remember that this is your day. It is important to include family but overall pick the option that you and your fiancé feel is best for you. Be creative, have fun and most importantly, celebrate the love you share. 


Article By:

Courtney Pippin

Director of Sales

Holiday Inn Purdue Fort Wayne

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