How to organize your next corporate event with limited resources

  • Be flexible with dates- some venues have need dates and are willing to be more generous on those dates
  • Overnight accommodates- keep in mind potential special group rates
  • Shop around- Don't think you have to keep using the same venue you've always used
  • Take advantage of the expert- Hotel sales managers are very experienced/ skilled in event planning and can be used as a resource (planning assistance), trusted advisor, limiting your need for paid vendors
  • Objective of the meeting- Have a clear plan of what you desire to accomplish not getting too "carried away"
  • Transportation- Choose a venue with complimentary shuttle service. A hotel may save you time and money having free shuttle service to and from the airport and local attractions
  • Venue amenities- have the event in a hotel, with a restaurant and overnight accommodations, right onsite will save time and money as well as offer convenience.
  • Utilize your venue contact as a referral source- Hotels have connections with many vendors and are knowledgeable about the ones offering most economical costs