How to Organize A Collegiate Team Event

Planning a Collegiate event can be tricky, especially if you're new to the sports world. Here at The Holiday Inn, we have hosted over 150 different collegiate teams. Every team needs different amenities depending on the sport. Here are some tips to use to assist in planning your next collegiate event:

  • Be knowledgeable of the sport, the game strategy, and the agenda.
  • Work with the coaches or sports staff in figuring out what is most important to them. Most teams look for facilities that can accommodate teams with food, beverage, and meeting space. 
  • Work with your coordinator and their chef on a customized menu that fits the nutritional needs of the team.
  • Work with the Front desk and operations staff to ensure key packets are ready to grab and billing is automatic at check in. This ensures a smooth experience!
  • Ensure to relay any schedule changes with the coordinator and front desk.
  • Ensure meeting space provided has adequate audio visual equipment for pre-game meetings and film.
  • Follow up with coordinator after departure on finalized receipt and billing. Don't forget to get your rewards points! We offer special planner points for all of our business organizers!